Huawei Exams

HCIA-Video Conference V3.0


HCIE-WLAN (Written) V1.0

HCIA-Data Center Facility V2.0

HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0

HCIA-Security V4.0

HCIE-Security (Written) V2.0

HCIA-Datacom V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-Core Technology V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-Advanced Routing & Switching Technology V1.0

HCIE-Datacom V1.0

HCIE-Data Center Network (Written) V1.0

HCIP-AI-EI Developer V2.0

HCIA Storage V4.5

HCIA-Storage V5.0

HCIP-Storage V5.0

HCIE-Storage (Written)

HCIA-Big Data V3.0

HCIP-Big Data Developer V2.0

HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect (Written) V2.0

HCIP-HarmonyOS Application Developer V1.0

HCSA-Sales-Storage V2.0

Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate Server

Certified Pre-sales Associate Storage

Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate- ECC-ENU


HCS-Pre-Sale-IP V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-Transmission & Access V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-EC V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Digital Power

HCS-Pre-sales-IVS V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-IP(Security) V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-Intelligent Computing

HCSP-Presales-Campus Network Planning and Design V1.0

HCIA-Transmission V2.5

HCIP-Transmission V2.5

HCIP-Cloud DataCenter Operations V1.0

HCIA-Access V2.5

HCIP-Access V2.5

HCSA-Field-Transmission & PTN V1.0







HCIE-5G Radio V1.0 (Written)

HCS Microwave Hardware Installation (Written)

HCDA - OWS Developer

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HCIP-Collaboration V3.0

HCIE-Collaboration (Written) V2.0


HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0

HCIE-Data Center Facility Design (Written) V1.0

HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0

HCIA-Intelligent Vision V2.0

HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0

HCIP-Intelligent Vision V2.0

HCIE-Intelligent Vision (Written) V1.0

HCIA-openEuler V1.0

HCIE-openEuler V1.0

HCIP-Security V4.0

HCIE-Security (Written) V3.0

HCIP-Datacom-Campus Network Planning and Deployment V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-Campus Network Planning and Deployment V1.5

HCIP-Datacom-Enterprise Network Solution Design V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-WAN Planning and Deployment V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-SD-WAN Planning and Deployment V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-Network Automation Developer V1.0

HCIP-Data Center Network V1.0

HCIE-Transmission (Written) V2.0

HCIA-Kunpeng Application Developer V2.0

HCIP-Kunpeng Application Developer V1.0

HCIA-Kunpeng Computing V2.0

HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0

HCIE-Intelligent Computing (Written) V1.0

HCIA-AI Solution V1.0

HCIP-AI-Ascend Developer V1.0

HCIP-AI-MindSpore Developer V1.0

HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0

HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.5

HCIP-Cloud Computing V5.0

HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) V3.0

HCIP-Storage V5.5

HCIE-Storage V3.0

HCIA-Big Data V3.5

HCIE-Big Data-Data Mining (Written) V3.0

HCIA-Cloud Service V3.5

HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V3.0

HCIA-GaussDB V1.5



HCIE-GaussDB-OLTP (Written) V1.0

HCIA-HarmonyOS Application Developer V2.0

HCIA-HarmonyOS Device Developer V2.0

HCIP-HarmonyOS Device Developer V1.0

HCIA-openGauss V1.0

HCIA-MDC Application Developer V1.0

HCSA-Sales-IP Network Certification V5.0

HCSA-Sales-Transmission & Access V2.0

HCSA-Sales-Intelligent Collaboration V2.0

HCSA-Field-Intelligent Collaboration V1.0

HCSA-Sales-Smart PV V2.0

HCSA-Presales-IP Network Certification V3.0

HCSA-Presales-Storage V4.0

Huawei Certified Pre - sales Associate - Transmission&Access

HCSA-PreSales-Intelligent Collaboration V2.0

HCPP-IP Network

HCSP-Presales-Storage V3.0

HCSP-Presales-Intelligent Collaboration V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-Bidding V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-IP(WLAN) V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-IT V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-IP(DCN) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Cloud V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Intelligent Computing V1.0

HCS-Pre-sales-IP(Campus) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Smart PV V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Campus Network Planning and Design V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Transmission V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Transmission V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Transmission V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Access V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Intelligent Collaboration V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Intelligent Collaboration V1.0

HCSA-Presales-IVS V1.0

HCSP-Presales-IVS V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Intelligent Computing V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Intelligent Computing V1.0

HCSA-Presales-IP Network V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Campus Network Planning and Design V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Network Security Planning and Design V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Network Security Planning and Design V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Storage V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Storage V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Storage V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Cloud V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Transmission V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Access V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Digital Finance V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Mine V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Mine V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Rail & Aviation V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Rail & Aviation V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Smart Road & Waterway & Port_V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Smart Road & Waterway & Port V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Government Public Services V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Electric Power V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Electric Power V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Oil & Gas V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Oil & Gas V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Education V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Manufacturing V1.0

HCSE-Presales-Manufacturing V1.0

HCSA-Field-IMOC V3.0

HCSP-Field-AICC V1.0

HCSA-Field-Intelligent Campus V1.0

HCSP-Field-Intelligent Campus V1.0

HCSA-Field-UPS V3.0

HCSA-Field-Smart PV V1.0

HCSP-Field-Smart PV V1.0

HCSP-Field-SQA V1.0

HCSE-Field-Intelligent Campus (Written) V2.0

HCSA-Presales-SME Network(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Network Security(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-SME Network(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Service(Computing) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Service(Transmission & Access) V1.0


HCSP-Presales-Service V2.0

HCSP-Presales-Service(IP Network) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Service(Storage) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Service(AICC) V1.0

HCS-SeniorSolution-Public Security

HCS-SeniorSolution-Digital Government






HCS-SeniorSolution-Large Enterprise

HCS-SeniorSolution-Broadcasting & Media

HCSE-Presales-Intelligent Campus


HCSA-Presales-IdeaHub(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-IdeaHub(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Video Conferencing(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Video Conferencing(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Access(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Access(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Ascend Computing(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Ascend Computing(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Kunpeng Computing(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Kunpeng Computing(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-IVS(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-IVS(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Presales-Storage(Distribution) V1.0

HCSP-Presales-Storage(Distribution) V1.0

HCSA-Field-Datacom Campus Network V1.0

HCSP-Field-Datacom Campus Network V1.0

HCSE-Field-Datacom Campus Network V1.0

HCSA-Field-Flash Storage V1.0

HCSP-Field-Flash Storage_V1.0

HCSE-Field-Flash Storage_V1.0

HCSA-Field-Scale-Out Storage V1.0

HCSP-Field-Scale-Out Storage V1.0

HCSA-Development-Horizon Digital Platform V1.0

HCSP-Development-IMOC V3.0

HCSA-Development-AppCube Low Code Platform V1.0





HCIE-LTE (Written) V1.0

HCSA-Cloud Solutions Architect V3.0

HCSP-Cloud Solutions Architect V3.0

HCSE-Cloud Solutions Architect (Written) V1.0

HCIA-Cloud DataCenter Operations V1.0

HCSE-Cloud DataCenter Operations (Written)

HCSA-Development-Low Code @GDE V1.0

HCSP-Development-Low Code @GDE V1.0

HCSA-Orchestration-RPA Application V2.0

HCSP-Orchestration-RPA Application V2.0

HSC - Datacom

Huawei Certified Network Associate - PS Commissioning

HSC - Core Network PS

HCS - Wireless GUL Commissioning

HCS-5G RF V1.0

HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0








HCIE-5G-Radio(Written) V1.5

HCIA-5G-Core V1.0

HCIP-5G-Core V1.0

HCIE-5G-Core (Written) V1.0

HCSP-Solution-5GtoB Service V1.0

HCSP-Field-5GtoB Service Planning and Design V1.0

HCIA-5G-Security Solution V1.0

HCSP-Solution-5G Security V1.0

HCIA-Cloud Network Integration V1.0

HCIA-5G-Bearer V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-Carrier IP Core Technology V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-Carrier IP Bearer V1.0

HCIP-Datacom-Carrier Cloud Bearer

HCIE-Datacom-Carrier (Written) V1.0

HCS - FTTx OSP Survey and Design

HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation (written)

HCS - Central Equipement Room Hardware Installation (Written)

HCS - Site Power Hardware Installation (written)

HCS - Data Center Energy Hardware Installation (written)

HCS - FTTX OSP Hardware Installation (written)

HCS - 5G Wireless Hardware Installation (Written) V1.0

HCIP-ICTOM Developer V1.0

HCIP-OWS Developer V1.0

HCS - Home Service Activation



HCIP-IoT Developer V2.5

HCIP Cloud Service DevOps Engineer V2.0

Open ROADS Associate

Open ROADS Consultant - Strategic Dynamism

Open ROADS Consultant - Customer Centricity

Open ROADS Consultant - Digital Culture, Talent & Skills

Open ROADS Consultant - Innovation & Lean Delivery

Open ROADS Consultant - Big Data & AI

Open ROADS Consultant - Technology Leadership

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